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"Sr Clarissa has grown somewhat tired of her marriage to Christ. The emotional support is great, but sometimes… a girl needs more. Seeking innocent thrills, she starts a prison inmates pen pal programme from her convent. Soon caught between God and a dangerous outlaw in the world's oddest love triangle, she now must choose… This wild ride from convent to convict has it all: blasphemy, lust, goats, memes, love and YouTube kittens.


Next in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival  2021:

Dates to be confirmed!



Theatre 1 - theSpace @ Surgeons' Hall 

Nicolson St, Edinburgh, EH8 9DW


Tickets can be purchased from:

  • the Fringe Box Office online

  • by phone on 0131 226 0000

  • in person at the Fringe Box Office, 180 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QS


  • £5 Previews

  • 2 for 1 tickets

  • Sun- Wed: £9 / £7

  • Thurs - Sat: £10 / £8


"I've seen many independent productions, "Nun on the run" reached a level of dramatic depth and richness completely unexpected. There is meat and bone and flux throughout, in a deeply thought glimpse into an (extra)ordinary slice of modern life. The Nun is an Adventure. You may as well skip a heartbeat as her story unfolds and will end up wanting her to be your best friend. 


The story itself is impressive: this simple one-hour woman show is a joyride through religion,  infatuation, memes and YouTube kittens like a catchphrase of all today's mythology. This is done smartly, without any artifice, unnecessary noise nor gaudiness. Unlike most young plays, you surrender because it's clear you are in great hands throughout. Nathalie Clement takes care of you like an executive teller of tales. The plot intertwines with the present through humour and fictional dialogue. The feed has various rhythms, taking from the cheekiness of stand-up comedy to speed friending handshakes to chekhovian melancholy and cartoons caricature. 


It was touching to see not only a true creative concept come to life, but also a fully-fledged intellectual artifact. This is rare today, but when you come upon it you know its taste immediately: laughing with serious concepts open heartedly,  with wit rather than with noise, giving warmth. 


It's a feast in a simpler, small, modest package. Finally an oeuvre of inclusion, elegantly both very Irish and very international, with harmonious winks that make everyone feel at home. For this and this alone, Dublin needs to open its main doors to this play, as it has a deeper message of tolerance, strewn from a young Irish Author. This is the voice that needs all eyes on it today."

Diana Chioreanu


"A party girl turned nun could be the setup for any number of jokes. Likewise, with a nun turned party girl. Nun on the Run depicts what happens in the interim. With a script deliberately exaggerated in style, this (one-woman) performance was wonderfully engaging and kept the audience on-side throughout. Not bad when you take into account the distaste much of the nation still has from historic trauma suffered at the hands of the Catholic church. But the point of the play isn’t to provide a political commentary, nor a rags to (spiritual) riches story. It’s about humanity; our weaknesses, desires and foibles. That’s where both the humour and the heart come from. As the name suggests, the play is fun, upbeat and even curiously profound – often all within the same beat."

Aoife Bradshaw, HotPress

"The chapel-esque environs of the DLR Lexicon’s Studio are the perfect setting for Purple Hare’s production of Conor Duffy’s Nun On The Run!, a touching and wickedly funny comedy centring on Nathalie Clement’s Sister Clarissa.


Duffy is known for his high-stakes capers – last year’s The Lonely Luchador a classic example – but Nun On The Run! finds him in slightly more meditative waters, as it focuses on questions of faith and morality. Of course, this is still a show about a nun spilling her love letters from a Columbian Robin Hood to a crowd of onlookers inside a Dublin Garda station, so Duffy is still adept at milking a silly situation for all its worth.


There is a sort of fascinating alchemy occurring on stage, with Duffy’s ludicrously funny script injected with incredible pathos by Clement’s performance and Jordan Begley’s direction. The jokes come thick and fast, but there is an underlying sense of deadly seriousness to Clarissa’s emotional journey that keeps the show anchored.


And, oh, what an anchor! Clarissa truly is a wonderful creation, brought to vivid life by Clement’s committed, soulful, and absolutely gas performance. She is the stuff of spin-offs – you can imagine a Sister Clarissa TV show, a Sister Clarissa musical, a Sister Clarissa line of lunchboxes.


It’s this dichotomy – between the quick wit on display, and the deep emotional heft underneath it all – that gives the show its edge and makes it well worth checking it out. Pray to God you get a chance!"

David Smyth


"Another well-crafted and humorous play by Conor Duffy and superbly directed by Jordan Begley. Conor’s great sense of humour is shown at its best in this play. Nathalie Clément as Sister Clarissa, the nun on the run, is excellent and well worth seeing. [...] She handles the difficulties of a one-woman-show with dexterity and style. Well done to all involved in staging this endearing play."

"[Nathalie] Clement is likeable and engaging, she keeps our attention throughout and we are intrigued by the alien character of a young nun. The set is bare, but Clement holds our gaze with the relatable life she breathes into the habit."

"Purple Hare’s ‘Nun on the Run’ took on the universal subject of love with sensitivity and humour. On a virtually empty stage, Nathalie Clement gave an energetic and engaging performance, weaving a whole world from just a handbag full of envelopes. It was witty, relevant, and well worth the watch!"

"Absolutely fab, was in stitches all the way through. I can't wait to see the next production. Well done everyone."

"Congrats everyone! Such a great show and piece of writing, it really deserves more limelight."

"The play was brilliant"

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