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July 25-30, 2016 ¦ Smock Alley Theatre ¦ Main Space

 "What if you were invited by world famous French singer Édith Piaf into her dressing room to relive her earthly journey with all its pain, sorrow, joy, success and many love affairs? Come and join her for an evening in the pink-tinted purgatory where she is doomed to spend eternity with the likes of Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Chopin, Alfred de Musset and other famous luminaries... "

The Sadness of The Little Sparrow is a one act, one woman play by Jim Yates, with a running length of 55 mins. It premiered in the Main Space of the Smock Alley Theatre on July 25th, 2016 and had a successful run with 7 performances. The Sadness of the Little Sparrow is adapted from Jim Yates’ novel Oh! Père Lachaise.

Sponsored by Pearl Brasserie and supported by RTÉ Supporting the Arts.

Cast & Crew:

  • Written and Produced by Jim Yates

  • Adapted and Directed by Stella Godmet

  • Performed by Nathalie Clement

  • Voice-Over by Conor Duffy

  • Lighting and Sound Design by Eoin Lennon

  • Stage & Set Management by Ciara Nolan

  • Graphic Design by Eamon Godmet

  • Sound Operator Jody Kelly White


"You get to see Nathalie Clement in a part she was clearly born to play. If I could, I would attend each representation."

"Really enjoyed the show. Beautiful performance and writing"

"Great play, really enjoyed it!"

"What a fantastic evening with wonderful people! I had the pleasure to watch a great production in Smock Alley theatre!"

"Contemplating La Vie en rose. Loved Nathalie Clement in The Sadness of The Little Sparrow at Smock Alley Theatre ce soir."

"Well done all, Stella Godmet Jim Yates and Nathalie Clément, Lovely show!"


This production is an adaptation from Jim Yates' original play:

Buy The Sadness of The Little Sparrow (original version) on Amazon

The Sadness of the Little Sparrow is adapted from Jim Yates’ novel Oh! Père Lachaise:

Buy Oh! Père Lachaise: Oscar's Wilde Purgatory on Amazon


"Through the making of this show we have set ourselves the goal of sharing with you one interpretation, one vision and staging of Edith Piaf’s story. Some elements might resonate with you, others you might find somewhat surprising.

Either way, there should be something in The Sadness of the Little Sparrow for each of you.

Wherever there is a play, there is a performance, and wherever there is a performance, there is an audience to engage with.

So as the house-lights go off, the stage is lit up and the actress makes her way into her space, all I can add is:

Merci de partager ce moment avec nous !"

Stella Godmet



Jim is from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. He has lived in Dublin for over forty years. He is an artist, author and playwright.

He has three novels to his credit, Oh! Père Lachaise: Oscar’s Wilde Purgatory (2007), Capucine and Her Three Feline Philosophers (2015), and The Catching of the Camino Wind (2019). In 2018, he published a collection of poems: Parisian Pleasures, Dalliances and Occasional Sorrows. The Sadness of the Little Sparrow (2016) was his first foray into playwriting.

Jim Yates has been a regular contributor of letters to the editor to national papers over the last 20 years.


Visual art is his consuming passion. He mostly produces surreal and abstract canvases and has done so for over 40 years.



Nathalie is a Franco-Irish Actress, Voice-Over Artist and Producer as well as the Artistic Director for Purple Hare Theatre Company.

She holds an Msc in Marketing (NEOMA, France) and an M.B.A (Telfer School of Management, Canada). She graduated from the prestigious Programme for Screen Acting at BOW STREET in 2015, after studying under the direction of Gerry Grennell, Shimmy Marcus, Cathy Brady, Lance Daly, and Casting Director Maureen Hughes. She trains with Voice and Acting coach Helena Walsh.

Her most recent Theatre credits as a performer include: THE LONELY LUCHADOR and HOUND’S HOTEL with Head Above Water Theatre Company, BUTTERFLIES & MOTHS with Blacklight Productions, LIFE ON EARTH with Down to Earth Community Arts, ANONYMOUS and THE SADNESS OF THE LITTLE SPARROW (One Woman Show) with Purple Hare Theatre Company, and THE BRAIN and YERMA with The Lir.  She has starred in multiple short films and television programmes, and is also a voice-over artist. 

Recent credits as a Theatre producer include : HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL?, -ANONYMOUS and THE SADNESS OF THE LITTLE SPARROW for Purple Hare Theatre Company, THE LONELY LUCHADOR and HOUND’S HOTEL for Head Above Water Theatre Company, BLUE DEVILS and THE WALLPAPER for Fleet of Feet Theatre, and LA MARIE VISON for Moon Mad Theatre.   She also produced the short film MAKE MY DAY, directed by Karine Dalsin. -ANONYMOUS was her directorial debut.


Édith Piaf, born Édith Giovanna Gasson in Belleville, Paris, on December 19th 1915, was a French cabaret singer.

At birth, she was abandoned by her mother and left in the care of her grandmother. Her early life was that of hardship and family disruption. At the age of fourteen, she was a street performer travelling throughout France with her father, a street acrobat. Édith Piaf.

At the age of seventeen, she gave birth to her only child, Marcelle. She found motherhood difficult, believing she lacked basic maternal instincts. Marcelle died from meningitis at the age of three whilst Edith was out singing in a jazz club. She blamed herself for Marcelle’s death and this guilt followed throughout her life.

Édith married twice, first to Jacques Pills a singer then to Theo Sarapo, 20 years her junior. Before and inbetween these marriages were many romances, the most notable with boxer Marcel Cerdan whom she considered the love of her life and who perished in a plane crash on route to New York. She composed the song Hymme à l’amour in his honour. Louis Leplée discovered Édith in 1933.

After the war, she was criticised over her association with the Nazi occupation forces, many believing she was a collaborator. Once cleared, she set her mind to her career and took America by storm, confirming her status as a true international star. She battled all her life from drug addiction that took its toll on her physical and mental health.

After her death from liver cancer in 1962 on the Côte d’Azur, her body was secretly taken overnight to Paris by the Sisters of Mercy where it was announced the following morning she had died.

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