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On The Run!


"How do I know what he'll be like?

And more importantly, if he'll murder me or not?"

"It's a feast in a simpler, small, modest package. Finally an oeuvre of inclusion, elegantly both very Irish and very international, with harmonious winks that make everyone feel at home. [...] it has a deeper message of tolerance, strewn from a young Irish author. This is the voice that needs all eyes on it today."


Diana Chioreanu, independent Theatre Critic

Have You Seen This Girl?

Scene+Heard festival 2019

A missing girl. A desperate plan.

"We are delighted to have programmed their Grand Guignol style Have You Seen This Girl. The work that has been done in the lead up to the festival in terms of marketing style and re-introducing Grand Guignol to Dublin has been remarkable."

Cliona Dukes, Producer, Scene+Heard Festival


2017 - 2018

‘I am homeless. I have no name’.

“Closing with multiple curtain calls after a surprising ending, -Anonymous is an important and valuable play that can both entertain and touch the heart of the audience.”

Laura Marriott, Theatre Critic, The Reviews Hub

The Sadness of The Little Sparrow


“I want to make people cry even when they don't understand my words.”

Edith Piaf

"A beautiful one woman show which received warm feedback from the audience"

Cliona Dukes, Director of Finance & Programming, Smock Alley Theatre